Data Access Governance, powered by policies that you can write in English

Reduce Operational Costs - Decrease Toil

Policies that you can author in simple English. Codified compiles them to actionable grammar and enforces them across your entire data estate. With Policies implemented as written, customers save time & money by reducing the effort it takes to manage any changes to Policies.

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Governed data access for AI & Apps

Simplify the process of providing AI & Apps access to data with easy-to-manage and change policies written in English.

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Compliant Customer Support for B2B

Easily translate all of your downstream customers' governance requirements.

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Reduce toil and simplify data acess requests

Requests for data access are centralized and processed automatically by Codified.


Write your policies in English

Often, data access controls are written as ACLs or JSON policies. These are tedious and challenging to both read and write. Most importantly, they are incomplete. You can't express your organization's policy in ACLs. With Codified, we enable you to write all of your policies in simple English and provide steps to validate the correctness and completeness of these.

Request Access through Simple, Built-in Workflows

Codified offers a simple yet comprehensive workflow system. Users can log into Codified and request access to any data. Administrators can define fully automatic, policy-driven workflows and optionally include manual approvals. Our system is built to learn from user behavior continuously and automatically flag new risks.


Intelligent Data Classification

Codified leverages a combination of both traditional ML models and AI to classify all of your data automatically. Classification & categorization lets you address data better - for example - “Customer Data” or “Accounting Data” or “PII Data”. Customers can also import or sync classification from other sources.


Peace of Mind with Enhanced Visibility

Codified provides comprehensive immutable logs. In addition to raw data, we provide a simple-to-use experience, allowing you to ask any questions about who accessed what data and why.

Comprehensive support for your entire cloud data estate

We are adding new integrations every week. Please reach out to us if you don't see one listed.

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